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Calendars 5

Readdle the company behind the fantastic email app Spark and file app Documents, has released a new update to their amazing calendar app.

Over the last few months, our team has been hard at work revamping the entire navigational structure of Calendars 5 in order to make it faster, easier, and a lot more convenient to access your appointments and events. This release introduces major changes to the design of Calendars 5 for iPhone and these features have been designed to drastically improve the discoverability in the app so that you can easily see what your schedule has in store for you.

The app is available at the Apple App Store for $6.99

Ask yourself this question before you launch your next site, ebook or product.

And once you find out who you’re competing with, step aside and take a moment to analyze your true competition. In all reality, you’re not competing with no one but yourself. Yes, you and only you are the only person standing right there in the middle of the road competing with nobody else but yourself because is not about the competition, they’re fine doing what they do while you’re at the other end worried about what they are doing right.

Removed from your thinking the other people and focus on your work which is what matters most. Once you get obsessed about what the competition is doing, you lose track of your true goals and objectives in the first place, because you’re now shifting your main focus and energy to what the other person is doing.

And by doing that, it can lead you to:

  • Copying the completion
  • Lack of motivation to create
  • Rush and deliver an unfinished product

Stop looking around for what other people are doing and start perfecting your craft. The race is not about finishing first or last, but about you trying to make what is yours and made you valuable to others.

I cannot emphasize more about owning your own content, your brand, or your name. Now days is cheap and it will cost you less than $12 per year for you to own a domain name.

If you post on a regular basis on Medium, Facebook or even Twitter you’re practically part of their product populating those platforms with free content, although you might be rewarded with an audience at first, but in the long run you down own jack shit.

Instead, do the hard work. Read about hosting your own site, with a few clicks you can have a website running WordPress is just minutes. Educate yourself about SEO and create for you.

At first, things won’t feel good or even look the way you want to, it will take time, trust me I know, I still tweaking this site typography, colors and messing around with the CSS, but is fun and is mine. I do it at my own pace, on my own domain name and is for me to please the one and only me.

You can do it too, own what is yours by making the first step and register your brand, business or name.

Doing the hard work

Are you doing enough to deserve the recognition you seek?

Once you launch your new shiny website, with an incredible new beautiful design, and those breathtaking web typographic that sing in harmony with your content. A few posts to get some readers to bite the hook so they can read your work. What do you do next when zero, nobody is reading your blog? Going back to back checking your web analytics, just to find yourself disappointed time after time.

The answer?

Write more and keep going. Put in your 10k hours, do the hard work now and eventually, you will start seeing the fruits of your hard labor, maybe. Oh? “Maybe”. Yes, you read it right. There are no guarantees that your site will blow up, face it and be realistic about it.

You have to know, even after all the hard work was done, when to close shop. Sometimes in life, we are not what we want to be. Moreover, we don’t get all we want, that’s impossible and unrealistic.

What’s important is that you took the initiative to at least pursuit that dreams of yours. Didn’t work, fine at least you have no regrets knowing that you went for it and if it works, hey, keep going and don’t stop putting more hard work.

Typography Lust

Lack of post today, but it has been a kinda busy day behind the scenes trying to find the perfect match for Whitney, the body fonts for disla.org.

After some playing around with different web typography, the clear winner for me was Sentinel, which is simply a gorgeous font to read headline on the on any devices with a modern browser. The site title was also updated and pagination to Sentinel, in addition to some minor color changes.

Design wise I’m very satisfied with the outcome so far. Its time now to go back for what matter most, content. After all content is king and no matter what web font this site implements, without quality content, one will be reading this.

What a remarkable time to be part of this thing.

Over the past 30 years, major portions of the web have come and gone. They’ve made us laugh and cringe, let us waste time and find friends, and reshaped the world in the process.

Via The Verge

…at just 27, Coco has had two not quite retrospectives in the last year, in two very well respected art institutions. And this should tell you something about this young artist’s prodigious talent.

Via I-D

Ulysses 15

In my opinion, Ulysses is the best mobile writing app. The German base company has released version 15 bringing the following new features:

The forthcoming version of Ulysses for Mac, iPad and iPhone adds a number of helpful new features for writers. On Mac, users can now edit two texts simultaneously in a split editor, and the new keyword management features help them organize their writing. On all platforms, the developers added a dark export preview and improved image support.

Ulysses has become my default writing app for this site. Some people feel kinda let down due to the subscription model, after it was a one time fee. But I believe this app is worth every penny.